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Why we started LOB, Inc.

The Women's Professional Basketball League (WBL) was inducted into the WBHOF as "Trailblazers of the Game" in 2018.  While attending this event it became clear that the story of this group of talented, ground breaking women had not fully been told. Those who played in the WBL can lay claim to having their hand prints all over the game of women's basketball in the last forty years, yet few really know about the amazing connection that exists between the league and the advancement of the game on every level.  

Legends of the Ball, Inc. is committed to getting the facts and history straight. There are many ways to tell a story and record history but none more valuable than the version that can be told by those who lived it. We stand united with the vision of bringing this league out of the shadows, ensuring that the players from the WBL take their rightful place in the history of women's basketball and are recognized for their social and political impact that transcended sports. Our mantra, "Passing it on...Paying it forward" truly epitomizes the contributions of the players, coaches, team personnel, media, and fans of the first women's professional basketball league. This is ... "The WBL EFFECT".

This image is the original WBL logo and LOB Inc. does not claim any property rights.

why we played...



                                                                          We left our lives behind

                                                                           Our families, friends … becoming a bride

                                                                           What would have happened

                                                                          If we had never tried

                                                                           City and country girls came from all over

                                                                        No one knew us by name

                                                                        We stayed for one reason

                                                                         Our true love of the game

                                                                                  Arriving on a wing and a prayer

                                                                                   There was no media blitz, no parade

                                                                                 To begin the pursuit of a dream

                                                                                 We came and oh how we played!

                                                                            Excerpt from poem: Birth of A League

                                                                              by Elizabeth Galloway McQuitter, 2003