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EST 2018

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Legends of the Ball Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by twelve players of the Women's Basketball League (WBL) 

EIN #83-287278

Mission Statement

To promote the historical and social relevance of the WBL to inspire future generations to break through barriers, realize their potential, and become leaders for positive change. 


Historical Relevance


The Women's Basketball League (WBL) was the first viable women's professional basketball league in the U.S. and the second longest running league (1978-1981) behind the WNBA.



LOB, Inc. will provide scholarships to assist students striving for academic excellence; conduct athletic and leadership camps; and share our stories with students, funders and partners.



Inspire future generations to dream big, work hard and maximize their infinite potential by sharing history, the challenges and ground breaking achievements of the WBL.


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